Zesteen Washi Cloth


  • Description: A traditional part of Japanese skincare, made of 100% pure cotton, it's the perfect texture - not too thick and not too thin, that makes the Washi!™ "just right". One huge benefit is that they retain the heat, which is a fantastic way to deep cleanse the skin, and just perfect for using with our Zesteen™ range of skincare products. Each one is individually wrapped. Buy several to make sure you never run out and always have a fresh one to hand!
  • How to Use: Use a Washi!™ face cloth every night and morning to help make your skincare work better. Every time you use your cleanser, shaving gel, face scrub or face mask, use a Washi!™ face cloth to remove products from the skin more thoroughly than any tissue or cleansing pad can do. Simply dampen a Washi!™ with comfortably hot water and squeeze out excess - your Washi!™ is ready to go to work. You know, even after the first use, your skin will feel smoother and fresher. The lightweight nature of a Washi!™ face cloth means you can target areas precisely, and it has just the right texture to lift products from the skin with ease, while gently polishing skin to reveal a fresh bright complexion. For very best results, immediately after using your Washi!™ apply your toner (if you are using one) followed by your moisturiser or aftershave balm to skin while still damp - this will lock in the glow! Now - doesn't your skin feel great? I hope you love your Washi!™

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