Natural Top Coat

Safe Nails

Our new top coat is now water-based, this is a completely new technology we have been eagerly awaiting for some time. Our top coat is odorless,natural and even more child friendly !With a healthy hydrated set of nails and the perfect nontoxic manicure you will set yourself on the path for a fantastic looking mom-to-be.

Organic or Natural - what does it all mean?

Everywhere we go these days, we are met with "all-natural" or "100% organic" and similar claims. So, what does it mean to officially label a product natural or organic? We...

Toxic Ingredients

Have you ever thought about the hundreds of chemicals we are exposed to every day? Cleaning products, body and skin care products we use on ourselves and our families, our...

Blog - A New Beginning

Hello and welcome to our website! We wanted to give parents, teenagers and kids  a place where you could purchase all natural kid, teenager and adult products in one place....


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